How we Select our Minders

Firstly we send out a detailed application form for all potential minders to fill in. This gives us vital information about how suitable the person would be.

If after going through their application we think the person sounds suitable we then give them a call to discuss their application and go through what would be expected from them.

If after the phone interview we still think the person would be suitable, we then arrange an interview with them in their home.

During the meeting in their home we check to ensure the fencing and gates are secure. We also check the house and yard is clean and free of any dangerous items. If they have a dog of their own we check that they are social and have all their vaccinations are up to date.

If we think they will make great minders and they agree to our detailed Minders Agreement, we provide them with a Minders Kit which includes all our procedures and after hours contact details.

We are Australia’s leading dog minding company, with over 10 years experience we pride ourselves on the service we provide our customers.

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I just want to write to thank you for looking after Champion whilst we were away for four weeks. This was the first time that we have left Champ for anything more than a couple of days and I was pretty nervous about the whole experience. Kirsten was telling me to stop worrying and I should have followed her advice as Champ was clearly in excellent hands! I particularly liked your communications and they greatly helped me just enjoy my holiday. Also, Champ came back in such great condition as well! Thank you so much and if were are planning on any future holidays overseas, we will certainly be seeing if you are available - I know Champ would love to pay you both a visit! If you ever need a reference please just let me know.

Chris Le Serve - WA - Jan 2017