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  • Call us on our free call number: 1800 646 337 or make online Booking Request
  • During the call or by filling in the online request, you let us know all your requirements for your dog/s. For example which room they like to sleep in, whether they would like to be with a minder that has a dog or whether they would prefer to be on their own etc. If you make a online request we may contact you to get any further information we might need to ensure we arrange the most appropriate minder for your dog, we can also answer any other questions you might have before proceeding with the booking.
  • Once we receive your booking we will handpick a minder specifically for your dogs requirements, we will the e-mail you all their details so you can contact them to arrange a meeting
  • We will also email you a separate invoice, which is payable after you have met and are happy with the minder we have selected for you.
  • You can then contact the minder to arrange a visit to their home. This should be done within 14 working days of receiving your minders details.
  • When you visit the Minder make sure you take the filled in Dog Detail form, the dogs vaccination certificate and of course the Dog! If you are happy with the Minder, leave the Dog Detail form with them and this will hold your booking.
  • If you are unhappy with the minder for whatever reason please contact TopDog as soon as possible so we can organise another minder.
  • As soon as you have met with the minder and are happy to confirm your booking, you need to send TopDog a $50 deposit. This can be paid by credit card or via Internet banking. Once your $50 payment is received your booking is confirmed.
  • Finally, send the balance of your payment to TopDog at least 14 working days prior to your departure date. You should also give the minder a quick call to confirm your drop off time.

Note: All payments are to be paid to TopDog Minders not the minder your dog is staying with.

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