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Exercise Ideas For Dogs

Every dog needs exercise to ensure that they are fit, healthy and happy. The amount of exercise will depend on your dog’s breed and temperament. No matter how much exercise your dog needs, you’ll find some great exercise ideas in this article.

Take your dog for walks

This is probably the most common form of exercise, and with good reason. Most dogs love going for walks! Dogs don’t see walks as exercise, they see it as an adventure; a way that they can discover new people, environments and smells.

Join the local Dog Club

Your local Obedience Dog Club is a great place to exercise your dogs mind. As a bonus they learn good manners like walking on a loose lead, stop jumping on you or your visitors and much more.

Play games in the backyard

Backyard games also count as exercise, in fact, for many dogs a rigorous game in the backyard is all the exercise they need. Games that will help your dog to expend energy are: fetch, tug of war, obstacle courses, chasing balls etc.

Play games at off-leash parks

At off-leash parks you can take games like fetch and ‘chasing ball’ to a whole new level! The fact that you can throw balls really far means that your dog gets a really good workout.

Dog Parks

While interacting with each other, dogs will run, jump and play – it is a fun activity that can be totally exhausting! Taking your dog to a dog park helps in two ways: they get loads of exercise and they also get to socialise with other dogs.


To give your dog a good workout you can start training them on a dog treadmill. While it may take some time for your dog to adjust to a treadmill, once they get the hang of it, they’ll have an exercise workout that is perfect in the rain, hail or shine.


Swimming is the perfect exercise for dogs because they expend large amounts of energy, while staying cool on hot days.

Go forth and exercise

A happy dog is an exercised dog, so hopefully you’ve discovered some exciting exercise ideas today.

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