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Why socialising your dog is important

Socialising your dog involves exposing them to people, other dogs and a range of different environments and stimuli. Find out why socialisation is so important for your dog.

Socialisation can reduce aggression

A dog that has adjusted to people and other animals feels less fearful around them, and therefore less prone to aggression.

Socialisation can reduce injuries and fatalities

The more your dog has adjusted to various types of stimuli, the less likely they are to react with fear or panic. Here are some common situations that can lead to injury or death:

· Loud noises such as thunder and fireworks can cause a dog to escape from their yard and run into traffic.

· In extreme circumstances, a dog with no socialisation skills can attack animals and humans within their own territory or outside of it.

· On a walk, the sounds of buses, trains and garbage trucks can cause a dog to pull out of their collar and dash away, possibly into traffic.

A well-socialised dog is a happy dog

When a dog is well socialised they have reduced stress levels, which means that they’re calmer and happier.

Ways to socialise your dog

There are many ways to socialise your dog. Choose a way that suits your dog’s personality as well as your own comfort levels. Here are some socialising ideas:

· Go to dog parks

· Arrange for your dog to meet up with another dog in a neutral environment

· To help your dog adjust to people, take them to parks, fairs and pet-friendly stores.

· Take your dog to puppy classes, obedience training, agility training or any other type of dog training.

Socialising is important for all breeds of dogs, for all of their life. Socialisation keeps your dog healthy and safe, and best of all, being pack animals, they love socialising.

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